June 4, 2013

Well, Iím finally recovering. Despite writing in my article that I have proved to be immune to poison oak, I indeed proved to be someone called the ďrare first time reactor.Ē It took 10 days for it to appear, but when it did it covered my lower legs and proved quite a phenomenon.  Loads of prednisone and weeks later, Iím finally on the mend.

     Several  things to announce. They Flew into Oblivion is finally out for general release  and selling daily. Randyís Doc Ford #20 Night Moves (which mentions TFIO) as part of the plot made the NY Times Bestseller list. Recasting Bigfoot will be out for general publication in September, as will SOMA. Hell Ship will be out next Spring. SCARLET AUTUMN: The Crimes and Seasons of Jack the Ripper will be out in October, and another book of mine is being considered by Putnam. More information will be going up on my suspect for being The Zodiac Killer, and Iím preparing my massive photo essay article on My San Francisco, to put the great city in perspective.

     But the biggest thing to announce right A-Earhartnow is not an update but something new. After over a decade of being bugged to tackle it, I am finally starting my search for Amelia Earhartís ultimate fate. To do it right this will be a long quest.  Like with Flight 19, this must begin with collating all the data that is known and carefully analyzing it. No true search can begin without really knowing where to look. ďThe devil is in the details,Ē said Holmes. True indeed. Somewhere there is a significant clue that will help  unravel this most famous and controversial disappearance of a ďpluckyĒ woman that America jealously guards as a symbol of its own adventurous, daring character.


April 2, 2013

Iím finally getting the missing aircraft section restored. I will be working on it all week to try and get back up the principle and most famous aircraft disappearances first. Sorry about the delay, but switching to BlueHost from my last server has really brought a lot of stuff down.

The Intro page to The EAR is also up now. Many, many more pages to come.

Feb. 5, 2013

As you can see the site is still undergoing renovation. But much new has been added and updated, including the True Crime section. There is now also a new home page that will continue to be developed into sections devoted to each of the subjects I investigate.

July 9, 2012

As you can see, the site is still undergoing its major renovation and redesign. Please be patient!

May 7, 2012

I will be on the Rita Louise Show on radio on May 18, 2012. Please tune in. Weíll be discussing Distant Horizons and some of my other books. Her website is: Just Energy.

May 6, 2012

By mid summer the entirely new website will be finished . . .after so much promise.  I will have a nice flash introduction, the archives section for reports, and a new section on true crime including Zodiac Killer and Jack the Ripper.

November 29, 2011

Happy Holidays to all! Sorry about being slow about revitalizing the Theories section, but Iíve been slammed working on the Ripper book and continuing my research on the Zodiac Killer. Iíve been amazed at the response to my announcement that I was coming out with works on both subjects. Although I prefer doing a limited run issue of my books, I may only be able to do a private edition of each, as it would be better to let corporate publishers deal with such topics. Weíll see, but Iím asking a few agents for input. In any case, thanks to all those who anticipate my book releases. Itís been very gratifying over the last year and a half to get out books I had promised for years, but were, for the most part, considered too niche for the big publishers to be bothered. I enjoy book design and expressing my unadulterated take on topics, but these two true crime exposťs may better be served by the biggies.


October 16, 2011

DISTANT HORIZONS is going to the presses now, so I can relax and continue with updating the site. Iím reloading my article on The Philadelphia Experiment and next Iím upgrading the entire theories section.


August 26, 2011

500 Leagues of Sea is back up in its new form. Iím still working out the bugs, adjusting text, and looking for music for the transition flights, but it will come together soon.

July 22, 20011

If you go to the link here youíll see some of the new site is up. Here at Recent Events & Site News Iíve decided only to maintain my most recent posts. There is no point in keeping all of them back to the day the site opened in March 1999!

July 16, 2011

I was just shown this rather nice review online for They Flew into Oblivion. Thank you so much!

July 15, 2011

As some of you know there has been a tragic crash of my system, so that my site rebuilding has been delayed. Iím able to get this page working a bit, but there is still much to come.  Please bear with me. For those who have seen my book page, you get an inkling of projects Iím working on right now.

April 12, 2011

As youíve all no doubt noticed, I now have advertising on the website. I will see if it is capable of paying the cost for the website. If not, Iím simply going to rip it off as it gets in the way of the content anyway. I prefer advertisers to contact me for space. Some have done so, but most of the banners up are placed from an affiliate program. They they donít generate any income for the site, off they go quickly.

March 21, 2011

With Indiana Jones 5 possibly to be based on the Triangle, I was asked by some to see what interest there was in some of the principles to re-kindle interest in the Tom Cruise/Paula Wagner Bermuda Triangle project at Paramount.  Apparently, Paramount has over 1,000,000 screenplays in mothballs, and no one knows where to find it!

March 17, 2011

I notice there are many who follow my updates but who also donít wish to hook up on Facebook. I understand this. Facebook has its downside, and there are days that I donít wish to hear from myself as well. So I thought Iíd share some updates here with you. Toying with this dust jacket. This book is in the works, an old fashioned style compendium. Only this will have lots of documents cited and reproduced. In my ďobsession daysĒ to get every scrap of documentation I could, I came across many ship disappearances and mysteries around the world. Distant Horizons will have classic and new cases.



March 10, 2011

Puttering with the new Maps page. I donít know if this will be the final layout. But I thought Iíd link it.

March 3, 2011


Seriously thinking about it . . .




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